IS it possible to load the whole game (and all scenes) at startup to avoid scene change delay?

I have a 3D game based on unity and I have made it in a way that all menu screens are different scenes, But loading takes time, and that makes it look like the game is lagging upon pressing a button. Is there any way to make the whole game and all scenes load at start-up and just show themselves when called? here’s the code I tried: if (Application.GetStreamProgressForLevel(1) == 1 && Application.GetStreamProgressForLevel(2) ==1){ Application.LoadLevelAdditive(1); Application.LoadLevelAdditive(2); Application.LoadLevel(1);

In your code you do the LoadLevel last. This will clear out all previously loaded levels. You want to either do what sparkzbarca said and have level 1 just be the default level or do the LoadLevel(1) first.

After that if you do the LoadLevelAdditive it will bring them in without removing level 1 already loaded.

If it were me I would just make level 1 the default level so that it loads automatically and then do a loadleveladditive on the other levels during the startup on some monobehavior script in level 1