Is it possible to load user provided models?

Hi, I want to build an application where the user is able to load some 3d models he makes. The models could be in FBX format or perhaps some other format that Unity understands (if there is any).

I have searched the scripting reference and the forums for this kind of information without success. Solutions using Resources or AssetBundle require packaging the assets using the Unity Editor, and I don't want the user to use the Unity Editor. I want him to use the application I will build for him.

So, does anybody know if this is possible? Which would be the most natural way to do it?

Unity doesn't have a built-in method for doing this, but it's possible by writing an importer for the format you want. An importer for loading .obj files at runtime is available here.

You might check this out:
although it’s not open and is not free. I also found this for importing .obj files:

I’m also interested in import .fbx files at runtime. Right now I’m exploring possibly using the .fbx sdk by autodesk:

Let me know if you have any luck!