Is it possible to make a game look good without third-party programs?

Hello everyone.

I’m just wondering if it’s possible to make a game in Unity, that will look good without using any third-party program like Blender or 3Dsmax etc.
For example this picture:

alt text

I know in the pro edition there are some good shaders. And the standard graphics settings can be pushed. But are there more possibilities?

All depends on what your definition of “Looking Good” is. Simple answer… “Not Really”. Unity is just a game engine. for creating / modifying any asset, we’ll need those programs you mentioned. You can use a lot of the freely available assets, or if you want to create something within unity, you can use something like the prototyping tool

Your question is somewhat confusing… Blender and 3DS Max are modelling programs. They are used to create the 3D models in your game. Without them, your game would neither look “good” nor “bad” because there wouldn’t be anything to see!

There are perfectly good shaders for Unity Free (the main feature for which you need Pro is RenderTextures, but it’s perfectly possible to get a good looking game without them). Good graphics have more to do with the textures that you use and the lighting in your scene, both of which can be set directly within Unity.