Is it possible to make a game that looks 2d in Unity?

I have a love of 2d platformer games (i.e. megaman, mario), and I like the graphics. I was wondering if there was any way in unity to get graphics similar to those games. I am assuming I use the basics for a sidescrolling platformer from the turtorial ( but I do not like the 3d graphics. Any help would be appreciated.

Planes work, but I found cubes with a really tiny z-scale work better, for collision purposes. The biggest hurdle is the camera - lock it onto the z axis, by simply setting it's z rotation to 0, then zoom it back a bit, making the scale a negative(pretty much how it's set by default. Then just don't adjust the camera's z value in game. If the camera goes wonky, you can just manually set the angle again in code where the issue occurs.

Make use of the 3d angle for depth - having the player at 0 z-axis, a bush at -1 and a tree line at +1 will look like they're passing through a wood area, for example.

You also need to set the camera projection to Orthographic, not perspective, so everything will appear flat. Make a few 3d objects and swap between the modes and you'll see the difference.

I suppose you could. Just use planes with a 2D texture applied to them for your 2D sprites and just move the camera in a way so that it doesn't rotate in a way that makes it look 3D which is simple, just keeping it clamped to a certain position on one of the axes.

You just need to switch your camera to orthographic and don't rotate the camera. That way you can have 3D objects, no matter how big the z size is.