Is it possible to make a NavMesh agent move only forward while turning on the pivot?

In order not to have to write a lot of code, I am trying to use the NavMesh system for my airplane navigation. It is mostly working, only what is occuring now in turns is very unnatural due to the agent just starting to move in a more-or-less straight line from one waypoint to the next while turning. An airplane obviously would turn in a similar way to a car; only moving forward while turning with the front wheels. Like so:

I am trying to use the pivot at the back wheels to turn as this makes it look realistic. What I am basically trying to do is make the agent only be able to move forward while turning around the Y at the pivot location to go towards the target and have not found a solution for this anywhere else.

Did you ever figure this out?

Here you guys go, if anyone ever finds this via google again:
Hint, you can crossreference transform.forward with Vector3.Normalize(ownAgent.steeringTarget - transform.position), by checking with Vector3.Angle

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I think you need to set MeshRenderer airplane to a new empty GameObject calling Render, parent object is a NavMeshAgent.

Trying to set Position.y of Render up abit, the Render pivot now relative with NavMeshAgent.