Is it possible to make a software using unity

I was asking myself that.

Unity completely recognizes C# and Javascript. Is it possible to make something like… A software using Unity? Not that i am going to make one, i am just asking because it’s making me crazy, and i want to know that for some reason :open_mouth:

I know that basically games are softwares, but i am talking about something used more like an application. Like a data bank, a log in software, etc…

In short yes to a point unity is a GAME engine, its for games not making antivirus programs

Hey there Zitoox, To answer this first I’ll explain what software is. Software is any program or operation used by a computer, so in other words, any code that makes something happen is software. Hardware on the other hand is any physical component of your computer like the CPU or graphics card. Now as for your question yes unity can be used for computer applications other than games, but it is not as effective as some other tools. Unity is a Game engine and as such the majority of the features it has are specifically for games (a non game application would likely not require a physics engine). So if you are planning on making non game applications you be better off using software other than Unity.

I hope this helps

Yes, it can. But it is weird and all software will perform terribly. If you do not really care about performance, but rather ease of usefulness, then I would suggest looking into whatever language that ends in JS. As well as web stuff.

But it is really not for unity to be used for making the next office suite.

Of course. Unity will do about anything you could want!

But if you where to make a simple application you would also have a game engine running in the background. Also Unity’s GUI system seems to be a bit tougher on a cpu than a windows form application or whatever else.

you should look up how to download and install Visual Studio. Microsoft has a version that is free and does everything you might need to do for basic software on a few different platforms.

If you have figured out unity then you can definitely figure out Visual Studio. It’s half as complicated.

On a side note, for anyone listening, if y’all want to do any server side programming,
I started using node and it is amazing!!!