is it possible to make an android build using a video file in it?

Dear Friends,

I have been trying to make an app using video file as an introduction scene. I am using a free version of Unity 5.3.4f1. This is a much discussed topic and I have tried almost everything I could do myself or found online.

a. i have used


But I found out that for android we can not use video as texture.


Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie (“video.mp4”,, FullScreenMovieControlMode.Full);

In this case I found out we can try this if we have a Unity Pro. Please guys, help me find the solution to include a video in android build as this is very important for the project.


I believe that you want to add a folder named ‘StreamingAssets’ (no quotes and no space between the two words) to the root of your project folder structure. So, your project structure should resemble this: