Is it possible to make an asset invisible to fps player camera when looking at it directly but only visible when looking at it through mirror reflection?

Basically what the title asks… I am making the intro mission of my game like a riddle, where the player is in an empty room with only a mirror. The target object is hanging on the wall right across the mirror. I want it to be initially invisible and stay invisible unless the player sees it through the mirror by interacting it. After the interaction with the mirror, the object will be visible to look at directly and become interactable.

Something like this?

(Here,one of the camerra is used for mirror and the other one is used as main camera)

  1. Give the objects you dont want to render/display from main camera a different layer(top right).
    [Note: do not change the culling mask of the camera used for mirror]
  2. Go to your main camera and uncheck the tag of those objects in the culling mask option.
  3. ???
  4. Profit :wink:

This might take some time but maybe you can try making a complete replica of the room but on one side you have the object