Is it possible to make an game without having to use scripts

I want to make a game a good game a game you would play on xbox or playstation but Im not good at scripting and does not really under stand it should i find some one who knows how to script or would i be able to make a game with out it.

Think of creating a game like directing a film: the 3d objects that you place in the scene are the actors, and the background level design is the set.

But it wouldn’t be a very good film if the actors didn’t do anything or say anything, would it?

A game script, like a film script, tells the actors what to do and say, when and how to interact with each other, and how to react to input from the player.

Some game engines, such as UnReal, allow you to drag and click lots of things from menus. Adjustable elevators and teleporters(?), gun/bullet types, how pickups work(?). You can even make little puzzles using small drag&click visual programs. By being clever, you can make something that is way more than just a Mod.

Of course, an FPS engine isn’t going to make a very good top-down Galaga clone. You have to start with a game engine that does about what you want in the first place. And then it can only do the things it has buttons and sliders for.

IMHO, Unity is made for people who want to write scripts. If you can program already, or don’t mind learning, then writing a script feels like telling the computer to do whatever you’re thinking. Once you know how, it’s way easier to read a script and tweak it, than it is to read how clickable settings work together.

No. You can’t make a game without any programming whatsoever, particularly not in Unity. I recommend looking at some C# or Javascript (not Java) tutorials, which will help you get to grip with the basics.

Sorry, but you can’t make a game without script.
It’s like you don’t had any muscles and brain, only bones.
Every game needs scripts, think of Mario or Pacman, how small is that game, and people how long made it. Now you can make it in a hour. Maybe in year 2067 :confused:
( Sorry my bad english )
Sorry, you simply can’t.

yes you can. but you will need to use an asset from the asset store theres a few visual scipting tools. hmm ok you still need to script haha. anyway there more of a drag an action to something else and so on so that something happens visually without having to type any code. i think playmaker is one never used it though.

personnally some knowledge of scripting in unity is a huge advantage just to better understand how a game is put together and plus being able to code allows you to make any game you desire give or take your skill level. give it a try i started teaching myself unityscript and a bit of csharp two years ago and still get thrills when my code works. oh and unty answers is awsome for help with code with in reason.

Not that your retarded but thats like saying imma make a game with no point