Is it possible to make an interface(UI) based game using Unity?

I’m pretty new to game development and have an idea for a game that would be basically entirely interface based. As well as being a game I’d like to make, I thought that keeping it mechanically simple would help me get a decent start with writing code as well.

I’ve been trying out the UI editing in Unity but I’m not convinced based on my (admittedly limited) experience with it that it would work well with so many different interfaces. Based on the documentation, UI changes are achieved by just moving the screen in question, which would work for a few menus, but I imagine it would be problematic when dealing with tens if not hundreds of screens.

I know that Unity is very versatile so I’m hoping that my limited knowledge is just preventing me from seeing a way for it to work. Does anybody know of a way it could work? Or would a program other than Unity be more suitable for this design.

Again, I’m quite a noob at coding, so I will gladly accept any advice.

UI changes are achieved by just moving the screen in question

Uhm… no.

Anyway, there is no reason why you can’t just instantiate prefabbed UI elements, even whole sub-canvases, at runtime and destrtoy them when no longer needed.

I’m doing an internship at my university and we are developing educational games. The last two games developed were made in Unity and using ONLY the new UI. So, it’s possible for sure. But we noticed a problem. The more screens and menus you have, the more cpu will be used. So, we balanced it between some screens in a canvas, some canvas in a scene, some scenes in a game.

Being a noob at programming won’t be a problem. Except that your code will be a lot messy and there is nothing you can do about it. Working only with UI is really hard and frustrating, but not impossible. As soon as you get the hang of it, it will flow.