Is it possible to make emissive dice in Unity?

Hello, i’ve made these dice in blender and i think they look pretty cool.
My Issue is though, when I improt them to Unity, the emissive effect is gone.
I have looked everywhere for an answer, but it seems like unity does not allow dynamic objects to be emissive. Is that really true?
I’ve seen a lot of games with glowing moving objects, so I wonder how these people do it.


Yes you can. If you look at a material, you will see an emission thing in the middle. If you want to make a cube emissive, just turn up the emission on it and set the color… And the object emitting as well as the objects recieveing light must be ticked as static in the top right corner in the inspector panel. For more detailed emission tutorials just look at speedtutors emission unity video. It’s simple and fast.

Hope I could help.
cheers Lucas