Is it possible to make the new standard shader act like a toon shader?

I really like he way the toon shaders look, and I really like the way the standard shader gives all lights shadows. I know the new standard shader works very differently than the all the old shaders, and I was wondering if there something about the way the standard shader functions that makes giving it the properties of a toon shader impossible.

Granted i don’t know much about the nuts and bolts of shaders, but I feel like the toon shaders are pretty popular in unity and I would think if it was possible someone would have come up with a toon shader that acts like the standard shader (shadows from all lights etc.) by now. I’ve yet to see one.

I’m wondering because I’ve been working on a game for some time now and the toon shader has become the backbone of the graphics. The cool new features on the standard shader are making me rethink if thats the way I want to go, but if I knew that there would be a toon shader that functions in the same way as the new standard shader at some point in the future it would make me very happy.

I recently edited the nature/leaves shader to cast/receive shadows from everything.

Can you point me to the download location of the shader you are using? Then I could look into it and send you the edited copy.