Is it possible to merge MRTK and Convai AI as i cant build out the project due to a issue


Does anyone know how to resolve this issue please? i am using unity version 2021.3.1f1 with the convai core package. In a separate project it works 100% when i build it out, In another project i also made a hololens project with just basic setup of cubes to grab. that works 100% when i build it out. I started with the MRTK project then added the custom core convai AI package to the project, i then needed to add the newtonsoft to the mainfest file, which i did. Then everything looked like it should work. I press play and i can grab the cubes still, so i try building it out and i get this error. i also tried to disable the assembly validation incase that may have helped. Here is the Convai troubleshoot which i tried. Troubleshooting - Documentation