Is it possible to modify 3D asset?

Hello there guys,

I am completely new to Unity engine, so please enlighten me. I am curious, if I purchase some 3D assets in the Assets Store, is it legal/possible to export that assets to 3D Max / Maaya to modify it specific to our need?

Thanks for your time

There is a free OBJ exporter but it’s not very good. There is a DAE (Collada) exporter for $15 that’s not too bad. Legal? Check the rights from where you got the asset. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Investigating this has been pretty eye-opening. You can find the full terms here.

Basically, unless the author of the assets says otherwise, that is the license. The stuff in there that is relevant to your question is:

  • No, you can’t edit the objects (Appendix 1, 6.1)
  • No, you can’t export them (Appendix 1, 6.1)
  • You can distribute the assets to all computers at our work “site” and computers owned by you. (but not editor extensions, apparently!!) (Appendix 1, 2.3)

However, if you ask the author you should be able to get permission. (But you might want to hold onto the email they tell you in, just in case)