Is it possible to offset the rendering start time in millisecond level?

Hi guys,

As the question above, I’m wondering if I can offset(delay or bring forward) the rendering start time, which you can understand as the Update() function in MonoBehaviour class in millisecond level.

Let me give a example, if I set the targetFrameRate to 100 and remove the vSyncCount. And Let’s assume the Update() function will be called on 0ms, 10ms, 20ms,… So is it possible for me the shift the whole timestamp 5ms later, so that the Update() function are called on 5ms, 15ms, 25ms…

Thanks a lot!

You can’t control when Update() is called. You could create your own InvokeRepeating() on Awake() with a given delay, but you’ll never get 5ms accuracy. Why are you trying to do this?