Is it possible to only show the Unity Splash screen in certain situations?


Our team is working on an educational title that will be used in a class room setting.
For the convenience of the teacher we have two ways to enter the game :

  1. Start the .exe, here we want to show the unity splash, our own splash and navigate to a theme selection, we call this the long path and it will be used for free exploration moments throughout the year.
  2. Click a link in a browser, our application starts and the correct game immediately loads, this is the short path and will be used as part of a lesson.

We have a pro license and in order to make path 2 work we supress the Unity Splash screen, so the short path works. We have a credit where credit is due mentality though so we’d really like to show a Unity Splash when taking the long path.

So :

  1. Is there a way to change if the Unity Splash should be shown at runtime?
  2. If not, are we allowed to create our own Unity Splash and show that to the user?

for point 1, there is an option in new unity where you can show unity splash screen first and after that you can show another splash, that means you can customize the splash as you want, but it will be done if you have latest unity and pro license. you can also specify timing to show particular splashes.