Is it possible to open an image using Application.openURL() ?

Is it possible to open an image using Application.openURL() ?

Because i saw some method to open Android Market, mailto and tel like,


So is it possible to open an image using Android’s in built photo viewing software…?

Of course u can open that, but whats the purpose for that ? Application.openURL opens given url in browser - not “inside a game”. If you have your game deployed for web player, calling this method will close your game and open given url !

If you need image inside your game you should use another way, like Resources.Load(“path/to/local/resource/image”) - assuming you have your image saved locally (it must be placed under Assets/Resources directory).


I have no idea how works Vuforia, but assuming we are still talking about unity project, Vuforia is kind of lib for unity, and you need that image inside your unity application, then yes, you should use Resources#Load, it will return object, that you can cast to Texture type. Texture is raw data for image, that you can display either as an GUI object, like label (then it will be flat image displayed on screen), or you can cover an 3d model with that image.

If you need it somewhere else, you can use Texture2D instead of Texture type, and then use Texture2D#EncodeToPNG to get raw bytes array, that you can use in any api to create an specific graphics object.