Is it possible to overload Microphone.Start();

Whats going on everyone.

I’ve found my self in a situation where it would be beneficial for me to use a float value instead of an int value within the 3rd parameter of the method Microphone.Start(); Currently this method takes four parameters, String, Bool, int, int. What i need is for the 3rd parameter to accept a float instead of an int. The 3rd parameter of Microphone.Start(); represents the length of time that the microphone records and is currently divisible by seconds. The reason why i want to use a float instead of an int is because i need the microphone to record in terms of smaller fragments of time then simply seconds. Hopefully there is some way that i could write an overloaded Microphone.Start(); method. Thanks Guys!

Best Alex

No, not without access to the source, other then that what would be the point? The internal implementation with in the method uses an int and not a float so you wouldn’t get the precision regardless unless you change the underlining code.