Is it possible to place a complex particle system as a sub-emitter?

I’m using Shuriken and I’ve run into this problem. I can’t seem to find the answer online so here it goes.

I have two particle prefabs:

  1. Prefab A which is a laser
  2. Prefab B which is a custom explosion particle system consisting of multiple parented particle systems.


When I try to set prefab B as a Subemitter that goes off on collision, it doesn’t go off. I know the laser is colliding because if I press the + sign on collision, it adds a simple subemitter that goes off.


It’s been a lot of time and I think that you might have found the answer but some thing I think about, is that you have a low max count for the particles on your parent particles (laser), if you have like 1000 and your laser consist of multiple particles spawning one after the other, it could be using all your particles maximum amount.