Is it possible to place a guitext GameObject behind a drawlined line?

Hi!. I’m able to draw in realtime some 3Dlines with the drawline primitive of Unity3d/OpenGL and I’d lie to place a texture as background behind them, so the question is if does anyone know how to implement this.

What do you think of these options I’m considering?:

a).-I suppose that a Gui element as a Guitexture will be placed hidding my 3Dlines, won’t it?.

b).-I could place a self-illuminated 3D object behind my lines and make it non-affected by the lights and shadows of any light in my scene.

Any link for my question in some direction to solve my issue?.

Thank you very much in advance.

You could put the background object and another camera into a separate ‘background’ layer (set camera to cull only that layer), and set its ‘depth’ so it’s less than the depth on the main camera. Then your background scene will draw first, and your main scene draw on top of that.