Is it possible to plant some objects in terrain system that have equal distances from each other?


I have a place with about two thousands of pillars with equal distances from each other, and want to do it with terrain system. Is it possible to tell unity to plant each pillar at a specific location, for example, each 4 meters on pillar.

(edit:I did not noitce the Terrain part of the question so this won't help) Yes, something like this should work:

var prefab: Transform;
var Place;
var addPlace;
function Start(){

for (var i=0;i<20;i++){
for (var j=0;j<20;j++){
Instantiate (prefab,Place, Quaternion.identity);
Destroy (gameObject);

Just make a empty Gameobject, add this script, drag your pillar to the prefab part. It will make 20x20 pillars 40 units apart

Set the brush strength to 100% and make the brush size a single pixel, use a fairly high resolution terrain map and then paint single dots around the place. This is the best you're gonna get