is it possible to play unity games on another pc

can any one one tell me, is it possible to play games on another pc in which unity is not installed …
the game i want to play is made in unity by using option. BUILD

yes, of course it is. :0)

but in case you are asking “how” and not “if”
you will need to either copy or move the EXE file along with dependent folders
to a location accessible to the other computer.

if you build for the WebPlayer, same concept, locate WebPlayer folder and copy or move contents to location accessible to the other computer
(can be internal network or internet)

Yes. The folder where you saved your build will contain a folder with all the necessary files include this with the .exe and you can run it on another computer.

Hi @tanoshimi
I had written “UI entries”, I didn’t noticed that the corretor changed it to “entrers”.
I meant the User Interfaces that I programmed - keyboard entries - are not working in other computers, just in the one which the game was built.
Explaining it better, I’ve programmed a “Title Screen” scene. To enter the game itself Scene, all the User had to do was to press ENTER, but it only works on my own PC; on others, the game plays the Title Screen but keeps unresponsive to the User.
If you know a way to fix it, I’ll be thankful. Apparently it is not related to Player Settings when the game is built.

but is it possible to build and run it without unity installed so lets say i shared the build through cloud but the person i shared to cloud to does not have unity installed but manager priveleges would he be able to build and run it using the website or something?