is it possible to play video directly from android

hello everyone i want play a video that is stored in android internal storage; i can play a video from local disk from pc but i can’t play from android some says use WWW but i don’t know how to script that can some one help me please thanks.

Here is a sample using WWW to load a movie.

string filePath = "jar:file:///storage/emulated/0/movie.ogg";
MoviewTexture mt;
AudioClip clip;
Material playerMat;
WWW www;
void Start()

IEnumerator LoadMovie()
    www = new WWW(filePath);
    mt =;
    clip = mt.audioClip;
    playerMat.mainTexture = mt;
    yield return www;

“jar:file:///storage/emulated/0/movie.ogg” is the path to Android internal storage.

Hi, @harisurya883!

Read the documentation. It will help you)