Is it possible to randomize the particles from a UV Animation?

I would like to have a Particle System with a UV Animation that randomizes which graphic gets rendered when the particle is created.

As of now, my Particle System w/ UV Anim looks strange because the particles change at the same time and you’re always seeing the same graphic on each particle.

P.S. The effect I’m looking for is similar to a window shattering then the pieces come flying at the camera.

I wanted to know the same thing and found this question as google’s first answer. Once I found something I came back.


Scroll down to ‘Texture Sheet Animation Module’ For what I wanted, randomised particles for an exploding unit I would create a texture with x rows, and use random row. If you want each particle type to have a decaying animation you can make the rows show how each particle should decay.

So the short answer is ‘no, I haven’t found a way’. But this does what I wanted so I no longer need uv access. Hope this works for you too.

I know this is an old question, but here’s an answer for those that come here through Google.

In the Inspector for the Particle System, there is a section for Texture Sheet Animation. Check that, and then in the options for that section:
Mode: Grid
This will animate the sprite along a grid within a texture

Tiles: Insert a number.
Represents the layout of your texture, and will find each cell as a percentage of the total size

Animation: Single Row
This allows you to set each row in the texture as a single animaltion that will not connect to another row

Row Mode: Random
Each particle will randomly select which row/animation it will play

Start Frame: Random Between Two Constants
Each particle will select a random step in the animation for its row, so that two particles on the same row will be at different frames.

Cycles: 1
How many times will each sprite play its animation, while staying in the same row.

Depending on what effect you are going for, you can set Time Mode = Speed and Speed Range = 0 - max speed, to have the particle animate faster when it moves faster, or set Cycles = 0.001 to cancel animation.