Is it possible to receive world space inputs when using Screenspace overlay?

I’m trying to receive events from World Space canvas, but I already have another Canvas with Screenspace overlay. Is it possible to do so?

=== The Context ===

In my 2d top-down view game, I have these little buildings that I want to click on. I create a canvas as a child for each of these building objects to receive inputs. These canvases are set to world space.
Then I also have another screen space canvas for all the other types of user inputs (setting buttons etc.).

Right now all my inputs are being captured by the screenspace canvas. So I can’t click on my buildings.


I have tried many things but couldn’t make it work :`( Help!

For your buildings you can make use of OnMouseDown callback. Also, be sure that all you’re graphics have “Raycast Target” checked or unchecked as needed. For example, if you have a transparent or semitransparent panel that ocupies all the screen and has RaycastTarget checked, it’ll block all behind it.