Is it possible to recover project from .exe? Please help!

I had a game I was working on for 8 months and all day every day, even losing sleep, loved the thing. I was going to back it up soon, but not soon enough because my PC had some problems and kind of fried everything. Is there any way to recover the files back? I know it’s possible to recover scripts and I need to know how to recover scripts, models and scenes if possible as well.

Thank you so much in advance!

Nope, sorry, it’s not possible to recover project files from a build.

I suggest you take the opportunity to learn source control - e.g. Bitbucket is free and, with a tool like Sourcetree, relatively easy to learn. Once you get in the habit of committing your changes it’s just like hitting Save, except you’ll have a permanent, secure remote backup of your entire project which you can restore/roll back at any point.