Is it possible to rename an asset in V5.5?

I want to rename scenes and other assets in the Project View. I’ve been reading a book on making a 2D game and it tells me to duplicate a scene and rename it, but when I right-click or try to use the inspector, I am unable to rename it.

Is there a way to rename an asset or has that feature been removed?

As per what @veugeljame said above, click on the asset in the Project Tab/Window. Then hit F2. This works for materials, scenes, and scripts at the very least.

However, if you have those scripts bound to objects and you DON’T rename the script class to the same name as the file, in 2017.3., it breaks and switches the component to “Nothing Selected”.

Yes very simple you can do it in the inspector tab once you have the asset selected. It will be at the top of the inspector tab.