Is it possible to render a solid color where the Camera clips to the Near Clipping Plane?

When any object intersects with the Cameras near clipping plane, normaly the renderer just doesn’t render anything, so I see the backfaces of my geometry, which looks ugly when my camera moves through geometry because usualy the backfaces dont render anything.

Instead of the backfaces I’d like to see some solid color, which will look like the geometry is Cut at the point where the clipping plane is. Do you have any Idea how something like this could be achieved?

Maybe it’s sufficient to make my renderer render all backfaces in a solid color. How would I do something like this?

You just need a second pass to render the backfaces. The shader lab docs on culling have exactly this case as an example :wink:

See the section about “Debugging Normals” (Note: they actually mean “face normals”, not vertex normals).