Is it possible to reorient Transform.LookAt to a top-down perspective?

I’m working on a top-down 2d game, and I’m trying to make the player’s object rotate to face the direction of its velocity every FixedUpdate:

 myTransform.LookAt((Vector2)myTransform.position + (Vector2)myRigidbody.velocity,Vector2.up);

This obviously doesn’t work, as it rotates the sprite on the X and Y axes (which distorts it or makes it completely invisible to the camera), and I’m trying to apply rotation on the Z axis only. Is there a way to adapt this to work for 2d, or is LookAt the wrong function for my use case?

If you look at the docs for Transform.LookAt you’ll notice that it accepts an optional second parameter for the desired up direction, so you could instead give it Vector3.back or Vector3.forward, which would rotate around the x axis instead of the z axis.