Is it possible to route an AudioSource/Clip to a specific bus in the mixer through script?

I know Unity5 was literally just released today, but i’m wondering if anyone knows if you can take an audioSource or AudioClip and tell Unity to route the sound of that Source/Clip to a specific mix bus.

Ideally what I want to do is take a music file, break it down into layers and then create an array for those layers. I want the system to automagically

assign AudioSource/Clip array[0] → to Mixer Bus named Music->Layer 1

assign AudioSource/Clip array[1] → to Mixer Bus named Music->Layer 2

assign AudioSource/Clip array[2] → to Mixer Bus named Music->Layer 3

so on.

Any feedback regarding this issue would be great.

Yes it is.

public AudioSource theAudioSource;
public AudioMixerGroup mixerGroup;
void start(){
    theAudioSource.outputAudioMixerGroup = mixerGroup;

done deal. So simple, I feel pretty stupid for not realizing it.

How can i set mixer to audio source array ?

public AudioMixerGroup MyMixer;
public AudioSource[] AudioSources;

if (something) {

AudioSources.outputAudioMixerGroup = MyMixer; 

Error, so how?