Is It Possible To Save Downloaded gameobject(using assetbundle) as Prefab not Unity3d file?

My original prefabs(which is attached models, shader, animation, material, scripts, etc) were disappeared by accident. I can only download unity3d file through server. Downloaded objects is visible in UnityEditor. But I can’t store them as prefabs(using drag and drop OR script). All components missed.


  • Why this is impossible(gameobject is loaded in RAM but why can’t I store them in disk)?
  • How can I recover them?

A quick search got me a combination of loading the asset:

and saving that to disk:

When it comes to missing scripts, they have to exist already. Code must not be part of an assetbundle unless you’ve aimed for runtime loading scripts, but that’s legacy 5.4:
Unity - Manual: Including scripts in AssetBundles.