is it possible to scale from one side (not axe) ?

Hello everyone,

when you try to scale an object along the X-axe, it will get bigger from left and the right, is there a way to avoid that ?
Why ?
am trying to find the easiest way to draw a line (click and drag) and i believe that using a Quad, rotate it toward the mouse and scale it forward is the easiest way to do it, but am facing the dual-side scaling issue, is there a way to fix that ?

thank you and have a great day

A usual way of doing this is to move it related to how much it is scaled, so it appears it is only scaling on one axis. But another easy way is to child the object you want to scale to an empty GameObject, offset the quad so the root of the parent is on the side of the quad, and then apply the scale to the parent object instead.