Is it possible to set the 'ForceNoShadowCasting' SubShader Tag via shader properties or a custom material editor?

Basically, I would like an option in my shader properties to enable me to toggle the “ForceNoShadowCasting” Tag on or off.

I am already using a custom material editor, so it is no problem for me to do it this way.

I have already tried setting a shader float property to either 0 or 1, then using the “SetOverrideTag” function from material editor to change the tag value based on that.
This results in a new tag being visible in the debug inspector for the shader, and the value of this changes, as i change the property. However, no change is actually apparent in the shader.


If i manually set “ForceNoShadowCasting” to true or false in the shader code, it has the expected result.

same problem with DisableBatching :confused:

This is limiting the flexibility of uber shaders