Is it possible to somehow share a project with other people

Here’s the deal: I want to make a game with my friend, but it would be hard for us to code it because we would have to send the code files through skype all the time and it would be a mess, so is it possible to use like a cloud server of some sort, so every time I can save a project onto it and my friend receive it? Also, I can’t pay for anything so It’d be good if it’s free. Thanks!

Unity has a built in service called collaborate, all you got to do is from your project click the window button on the top. Then go to where it says Services and click that. Then from that tab scroll to where it says collaborate. turn it on and you may need to create a group, or you can just add your friend with the email he used to make his unity account. Hope this works, if it doesn’t or you get stuck let me know!

You can also use the gold standard of Github and Github LFS (which stands for Large File Storage to deal with models and other larger non-code files). I use it on multiple Unity projects. The advantage of that is you get a very well established source control model and platform through which many people have experience and can help you. It also means it’s something you can have others contribute to if you have it open source.

In terms of cost, public projects are free on Github. That said, it’s unlikely people are spending time digging through your Github account for source code.

Here’s a good tutorial on setting it up for Unity: Shi Yin | Setting Up Github (and Git LFS) for Unity projects