Is it possible to start making a game without any experience in programming?

I am a CG artist. I am an experienced 3D modeler and animator but the problem is I don't have any experience about programming. I'm planning to invest time studying tutorials to make my own RPG game using Unity. So is it possible for a beginner to study directly only about Unity engine and skipping very deep study of CCC+ programming (whatever its called)?

Many people say Unity engine is very good and easy to use and thats maybe because they are very experienced programmer but how about somebody like me who is a fan of gaming and has no knowledge in programming and wants to learn to make a game? What are the possible technical challenges or obstacles that somebody like me could encounter? Can you suggest good tutorials or books to boost the learning proceess? I'm willing to invest time making a game but I can't afford years of studying CCC++'s in order to make this game. Please tell me now if I'm just waisting my time.

When I started Unity - I literally had no ideaaa 'wtf' was going on. But I was really interested in the idea of building a game. I started off just like you, I knew all the 3D designing programmes, and how to work them. Just has no idea about building a game its self.

I just kept sticking to it, and teaching my self through books, online tutorials ... and here! Unity Answers has been amazing to me, without it - I would be lost! Not forgetting the Scripting API that Unity give you - that too, is really helpful.

I went from making a simple scene with exploding cubes, to making a fully working M16 in which you can shoot at the cubes to blow up. All of this soon builds up your experience and knowledge, and I guess its like any other thing that you are trying to learn - you will soon get the hang of it.

Just keep at it - and you'll soon get there! What ever you do though, never show your 'unexperienced' friends your game progress - because to them, it just looks like your making a .. pile of sh!t! And it will put you down -- I've been there, done that! And I then thought I was wasting my time.

But, in the end - its wayyyy worth it!

if you have basic knowledge of programing you can easily learn unity