Is it possible to stop a Kinect sensor mid-application using Zigfu and the ZDK?

I’m building an application that is controlled with Kinect input. When the user performs an action (in this case a hand is raised), another program is launched. This first program will stay in the background until the launched program terminates, where it will take control again, both of the screen, and of the Kinect. The only way I know to stop the Kinect with Zigfu is to exit out of the program, which doesn’t work for me here.
I’m using Unity Pro 3.5.7f6 and the latest ZDK. Does anyone know if this is possible, or do I have to use another way?

ZigInput.Instance.reader.shutdown() should work. you’ll need to disable the Zig component (ZigfuGameObject.SetActiveRecursively(false) and destroy the ZigInput (ZigInput.Instance.Destroy()) in order to restart it later with ZigfuGameObject.SetActiveRecursively(true)

The ZigInput.Instance is a global singleton so you can access it as above, but you’ll need to create a public pointer to ZigfuGameObject.