Is it possible to support MR/VR/window in one project?

Hi, dear all, as I’m exploring the visionOS project in Unity, I found it looks like the app mode needs to be either VR or MR, but not both.

So just wondering is it possible to support both MR/VR (and windowed as well) app in one Unity project? Since I believe this should be a very common use model where apps can switch between different modes or having more than one modes at the same, etc.


Yes, especially since blendshape animations only work in VR mode!

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Hi @iamknew8

This isn’t something we support at the moment, though we’ve done some preliminary investigation. If and when we deliver this feature, it’d probably be a pretty heavyweight switch, as the capabilities and requirements of these modes at the OS level are quite different. For example, VR provides low level GPU access and higher perf, but no passthrough, while MR provides passthrough but limits low-level GPU access and has some additional overhead.

Having said that, there are other options beyond throwing a hard switch between VR and MR - but it depends what you’re trying to achieve. In many cases you should be able to get the best of both worlds by setting up an MR application, and then pulling some tricks to bring in VR-like aspects. For example, if you want to transition between more- and less-immersive environments, you may be able to achieve that with an Unbounded MR experience, fadeable distant geometry, and a skybox. Likewise, if you need to use native Unity rendering features in MR, using RenderTextures (or eventually, stereo render textures) may prove helpful.

But ultimately the best approach will depend on your specific situation. Can you tell us more about the kind of experience you’re hoping to create?


i’d like to have blend shape animations working in MR and not just in VR… i had thought perhaps if we can have VR supported then we can use a camera render texture trick to have that shown in the MR mode

Yes this is what I mean by render textures and stereo render textures. The former is available today, while the latter is a feature on our roadmap.


Thanks a lot for the reply and good suggestions!

I think the MR based VR-like is a very helpful advice that can allow us to switch between MR and VR. I also noticed we can also switch between bounded and unbounded camera at any time. That I believe can allow us to switch apps between shared or full space. For example, maybe I can open two games at the same time and put both into “background mode”, each using a bounded camera that shows some preview of the current game progress; and if I tap on one of the bounded volumes, it switches that particular game into “foreground mode” with unbounded camera for full space experience, etc.