Is it possible to swap my x Axis and y Axis on a rigidbody2D?

Im trying to achieve rotating my physics by 90 degrees, meaning x becomes y and y becomes x.

therefore I would be able to able to run up walls with my x axis taking the gravity effect instead of Y.

There are a couple of different ways, depending upon exactly what you’re after. Do you want all objects in the scene to have this sideways gravity, or just one particular object?

To affect all objects, go to Edit → Project Settings → Physics2D, and change the gravity setting at the top. So to fall left, for example, set x to -9.81 and y to 0.

If you want only one object to fall sideways and the rest to fall down, leave the global Physics2D settings alone. Then set the sideways falling object’s RigidBody2D to physics scale of 0 (eliminating the downwards gravity).

Then add a component that creates the sideways gravity on the object. You could either use a ConstantForce2D component, or write a custom script if you need more control.