Is it possible to take input from 2 UI buttons?

Hi, sorry for the noob question, im doing a 2D prototype for an android game, but im very newbie and i have a problem with this

i have 2 buttons 1 on the left upper corner of the screen, and one on the right upper corner, this is to rotate the player clockwise and counter-clockwise, and i want that when the player presses the 2 buttons at the same time, it will do a dash forward

but i dont seem to be able to find a way to do this, when i press the 2 buttons at the same time, they stop interacting.

is pressing 2 buttons at the same time possible?

It would be nice if you posted some code at all, so we can actually see whats wrong. I have no idea how you are trying to accomplish this.

Maybe you should follow some tutorials before you ask questions, anyway. This isnt really something that you should be asking here, newby or not, it feels like you are lazy, and making us solve your problems.

I’ll tell you what you would want to do tho:
just use if statements, that check whether you press the buttons,

this is not actual code tho, its just illustrating the idea.

//something like
if(//code that checks button press left and button right isnt pressed)
rotate lef
else if (//code that checks button press right and button left isnt pressed)
rotate right
else if (//code that checks if both buttons are pressed)

no, it was not about code, after looking for an anwers, and being told by mod to stop doing noob question, i found that, on unity remote, the multi touch does not works

thats was my problem, that the ui buttons did not wanted to get press at the same time, but after doing a build to my phone, now the multi touch works, thanks a lot for you time killerstreak