Is it possible to team up with an experienced user?

I have no experience in designing games but I have an idea of a game I would like to develop for a long time now , is it possible to team up with someone who knows his way around to make a game together?

Unfortunately for you, It is highly unlikely that someone would agree to this. Most people who could help are working on their own projects that they have wanted to develop “for a long time now” and almost all of them were in you position at one point or another.

You know what the difference is?

Rather then (basically) asking for someone else to develop a game for them. They went ahead and tried to learn how to do it themselves. If you want to learn then I am sure that this community would be more then willing to help you out and point you in the right directions.

On that note, here’s something you may like to read:

That page is filled with tutorials, references and demo games that will help you learn how you can make this idea that you want to create. Hopefully, once you’ve spent a few weeks or months learning everything that you need to know, your game will be highly successful.