Is it possible to treat 4 individual game objects as a single game object?

Hi All,

This is hard to explain but i will do my best. (Note i am not a programmer and have had no formal programming training, if i use a programming term incorrectly, please accept my apologies)

I am building a farming sim (think stardew valley/harvest moon)

I have made a 20x20 grid. Each tile on the grid is an individual game object called plot1, plot2, plot3 etc.

Using a Jagged list i am able to load the position of each of each plot and access it through a variable called tilearray2D*[j]*
This has worked well so far and i have been able to create a plot that grows game corn (yay!)
Now i am working on 2x2 objects such as rocks. I have been able to get the 2x2 rock to spawn. This is done by replacing the graphics on 4 tiles with a rock graphic and applying a box collider 2D. However this issue is that unity still treats this 2x2 rock as 4 individual game objects.
This makes it hard to destroy the rock in game as when you destroy 1 of the 4 game objects in the 2x2, it just destroys one game object and the other 3 still remain.
Has anyone been able to make 4 gameObjects be treated as 1?
I hope my explanation makes sense? if not, please let me know and i can try to add some additional info such as code snippets
Thank you

Hi MegaTDog,
you could solve this by placing the 2x2 rocks in one otherwise empty gameObject, which then can be destroyed, accessed as transform.parent.