Is it possible to update variable in Coroutine?

I’ve got a coroutine that fills a LineRenderer’s positions with Vector3s from an array.

The positions are updating every FixedUpdate, but the coroutine passes the same one value into each position of the array.97904-poisitions.png (I’m trying to make these all different)

IEnumerator DrawLine() {
            for (int i = 0; i < lineRenderer.positionCount; i++) {
                lineRenderer.SetPosition(i, positionChangingEveryFixedUpdate);
            yield return new WaitForFixedUpdate();

Is there a way to get the “positionChangingEveryFixedUpdate” variable to update from FixedUpdate with every loop of the coroutine?

@Teravisor pointed out that the “yield return new WaitForFixedUpdate();” line needed to be inside of the for loop for it to loop every fixed update.