Is it possible to use an 8k .raw map in a terrain? through unconventional methods?

Hi, I was just wondering if there was a way to force the limits of the terrain system to take an 8k map, rather than having to tile and splice several terrains together using 4 4k maps. The reason I ask is because typically when tiling terrains using software like world machine, you end up with odd abnormalities, (atleast what I’ve seen so far) when blending tiles, but I haven’t tried 100% blended yet, and am currently baking that out to see how it looks (it takes forever in comparison to just making an 8k texture).

SO TL;DR, is there a way to force an 8k raw map on a terrain? (I dont know whether the 4k is being limited by a performance limiter or is literally the best the system can handle)

Hello! Im trying to bake my 8k terrain rigjt now… it have took 12 hrs … im on pass 9/11… probes… lets see… i got an error when i started , it complained something about atlas size default. I dont know what it means? Have you made an 8k terrain and succeeded baking it?