Is it possible to use ArticulationJoints in Unity?

nVidia’s PhysX implements a type of joint called an ArticulationJoint. Since Unity uses PhysX for their underlying physics, it seems likely they have wrapped this up. CharacterJoint looks a lot like an ArticulationJoint, but it’s not clear to me how you would go about setting target orientation or velocity.

Some excerpts from nVidia’s documentation on articulation joints:

The only form of articulation joint currently supported is an anatomical joint, whose properties are similar to D6 joint configured for a typical rag doll. Specifically, the joint is a spherical joint, with angular drive, a twist limit around the child joint frame’s x-axis, and an elliptical swing cone limit around the parent joint frame’s x-axis. The configuration of these properties is very similar to a D6 or spherical joint, but the options provided are slightly different.

Articulations are driven through joint acceleration springs. You can set a position target, a velocity target, and spring and damping parameters that control how strongly the joint drives towards the target. You can also set compliance values, indicating how strongly a joint resists acceleration. A compliance near zero indicates very strong resistance, and a compliance of 1 indicates no resistance.

This is quite an old question but I’ve been looking at what people post about Articulated Physics lately and ran across this. In case someone else comes here this way as well I’d like to clarify that CharacterJoint does not use ArticulationJoint in Unity. CharacterJoint and ConfigurableJoint are both the same type of PhysX joint: D6, but CharacterJoint just exposes less parameters.