Is it possible to use legacy networking in Unity 5.x?

Hey guys!

I’ve been browsing networking libraries and the “legacy” networking is actually quite appealing to me as the master server, facilitator, and everything is open for use (afaik, its free as well!). Anyways, I’m wondering if its possible to use the legacy networking in Unity 5.x?

Also is there any reason NOT to use the legacy networking? (my reasoning for using it is because it’s all open source, free, and I can host it myself).


Yes, you can use the legacy networking system in Unity 5! I’ve personally used it, and it worked for me. As to if there is any reason NOT to use it, I would say it depends on what kind of game you are trying to make. I used this for a multiplayer card game, and for me it was the best solution. The legacy system is better documented in my opinion and there is a lot of good text / video tutorials out there.

The new networking system is usually better when it comes to games where you need to send a lot of information all the time, like an FPS or any other real-time game, but all in all it’s really up to you and the legacy system can work really well. I hope this answered your question @GalacticGlum.