Is it possible to use modifiers when defining keys in the input manager?

I was wondering if it was possible to use the Input Manager to map the vertical and horizontal axes to a key on the keyboard PLUS the control key.

I would like the up and down arrows to zoom my camera in and out.

I would like to define the Vertical and Horizontal axes in the Input Manager as CONTROL-Up, CONTROL-down, CONTROL-left, CONTROL-right.

By CONTROL-Up I mean "Hold down the control key AND press the up arrow"

Is this possible?

Use Event

I finally got this working...

I ran into two issues along the way.

The Problem:

Make Up/Down arrow keys zoom the camera

Make Control + Arrow keys pan the camera

Issue #1:

Control + Arrow Keys on a Mac is configured to switch between workspaces!

Issue #2:

The smoothing filter used when you call Input.GetAxis() creates issues when you try to do different things for the same axis. In other words, I want the vertical axis to either zoom or pan based on whether or not a modifier key is held down, which was causing a problem.

I got this to work akwardly quite quickly, but with one problem: At the end of the zoom (when I released the zoom key) the camera would make a glitchy looking pan movement. I think this has to do with the GetAxis() smoothing effect doing something when the key is released.

To solve this I had to sometimes use Input.GetAxisRaw() rather than Input.GetAxis() for vertical input. This makes the pan movement slightly less smooth (which I could probably fix with a gillion if/elses) but gets rid of the undesired camera movement.