Is it possible to use more than one condition with the same float variable on a transition in the animator?

I have a character that should transition form an idle animation to a running animation based on input from the player on the X axis. I want the animation to play when the X value of Input.GetAxis is greater than 0.5 or less than -0.5 with the intention of adding walking animations later for the values closer to 0.

The transition works when I add the condition “goRifleRun” Greater 0.5. But when I add the second condition “goRifleRun” Less -0.5, the running animation never plays no matter what value comes back from the input.

I have screen caps of the editor showing the only difference in settings. The first works the way I expect but the seconds gives me no transitions.

And this the code:

public class SoldierControls : MonoBehaviour

    Animator swatAni;

    void Start()
        swatAni = GetComponent<Animator>();

    void Update()
        float moveHorizontal = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");

        swatAni.SetFloat("goRifleRun", moveHorizontal);

It’s the same as condition:
(goRifleRun < -0.5) && (goRifleRun > 0.5)
And it’s always will be false.
If you need smooth transition between walking/running you can use 1D blend tree: Unity - Manual: 1D Blending