Is it possible to use one bone rig and animations for multiple characters?

I am using one bone rig for all characters and I'd like to use one folder of FBX files for all characters. Is this possible? Currently for one character I have:




Now if I want to use these animations for another character (let's say male_2), I would have to duplicate the fbx files and rename them, and presumably for every other character I have. Now, if one of the animations changes I have to redo all of my fbx files that references it, and this is a problem. Is there any way around this by using one fbx animation file for more than one character?


You can drag and drop the animations from the individual @anim files (After opening the foldout for it) onto another animation component.

You can't make it automagically add the animations like you'd usually get with the @anim naming system, but it should be plenty good enough

I’m currently trying to do this, I acn get the animation to work on the second mesh but the bones revert to the original scale, not taking in the adjustments to fit the second mesh - therefore the second mesh is stretched to proportions of the first. Is there a way to get unity to recognize the scale change?