Is it possible to use Resources.Load() to load an entire subfolder?

I’m a unity newbie, so I’m sorry if this really easy. I’m just having trouble finding examples online of this.

I have a subfolder within the Resources folder. This subfolder contains several images that I would like to load. The number of images within this folder will not always be the same, so I don’t just want to hard code loading in each image separately, because I don’t know how many there will be. Is it possible to load the entire subfolder at once and save it to an array? I tried the below code and it throws errors. Any suggestions?

The images are in Assets/Resources/Images/

Texture[] images = Resources.Load("Images/", typeof(Texture)) as Texture;

@ eclaire211


Texture[] images = Resources.LoadAll("Images", typeof(Texture));

or if you would rather use a List

using System.Collections.Generic;
List<Texture> images = new List<Texture>(Resources.LoadAll("Images", typeof(Texture)));

Note, depending on your needs, you may want to use Texture2D instead of Texture.