Is it possible to use soft shadows in 2D using URP?

I have a 2d project using URP, and I can’t get soft shadows to work. I have enabled soft shadows in the RenderPipelineAsset, but the 2d lights in my scene still produce hard shadows when hitting a Shadow Caster 2D. Any tips on this/confirmation that this does not exist in 2d yet would be amazing :slight_smile:

It is not possible atm. You should pester the unity team about this, as we need them to be aware the 2d shadow casters are basically crap at them moment. They only produce hard edged shadows and are not even ant aliased. what we need is pnumbras and the ability to define a lights size in order to control it. The bigger the light, and the closer it is to an object, the softer the light should appear. It’s why the sun’s shadows are relatively hard edged and why a large florescent light casts very soft shadows.